This leguminous is an alternative to bean, chickpea, soya, lentil in everyone’s sustainable diet. Lupine is also a great source of protein, fibre, calcium and phosphorus.

This snack with a shiny yellow colour is low in calories and gluten free when compared to other snacks such as peanut, almonds, chips.

The innovation of adding aromatic herbs to this beautiful product gives it a light and elegant flavour. The spicy organic lupin was developed to reach consumers who appreciate warm and intense flavours. Important to say that chili peppers are rich in vitamin C and are used worldwide as a natural seasoning-

You can benefit from adding them to your diet once they supress your appetite, improve intestines health, because of its prebiotic qualities, due to fibre content, that promotes the growth of “good” bacteria and lower cholesterol levels.

Other ways to eat lupin

Our main products are the lupin beans, which you can have as a “snail” snack with friends & family. They are delicious and nutritious and can be used in salads, either cold or warm ones.
So we started to use this fuelling leguminous, developing some new products and lupine recipes